Page 5 - Catalogue KETTLER Bike 2019 (Anglais)
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                                                         From the traditional manufacturing facility in Hanweiler/Saarbrücken/
                                                         Saarland, a state of the art production with the latest production lines
                                                         emerged in recent years. In addition to engineers, product managers
                                                         and bike specialists a team of skilled employees works here. They
                                                         combine the passion for cycling, meticulous craftsmanship and
                                                         attention to detail. A great pool of Know-How from which we profit
                                                         every day.  Next to innovative strength, it gives us optimum planning
                                                         security, flexibility and the certainty to be able to develop and
                                                         manufacture functional and high-quality products „Made in Germany“
                                                         at any time.

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