Page 8 - Catalogue KETTLER Bike 2019 (Anglais)
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                                                                  KETTLER QUADRIGA SERIES
                                                                  With a completely new frame design made of premium aluminium and
                                                                  equipped with state-of-the-art BOSCH drive technology, the new
                                                                  QUADRIGA models are among the KETTLER range highlights for 2019.
                                                                  Whether you use electrified city, trekking or mountain, the recharge-
                                                                  able battery is elegantly concealed in the frame tube of all bikes and
                                                                  provides ample energy even for wide long distances.
                                                                  All QUADRIGA frames are already designed for hosting bigger batte-ries,
                                                                  the producers might introduce in the future.
                                                                  You can also re-insert the battery cover, which conceals the cell in the
                                                                  down tube, into the down tube again after removing the battery. This
                                                                  means there is no troublesome open hole when the bike is transported
                                                                  or parked, a well-conceived feature.
                                                                  All QUADRIGA frames are fitted with a K-LINK as standard. This
                                                                  mount is an integral part of the frame and is used to attach the
                                                                  innovative KETTLER QUADRIGA child trailer without tools. Other
                                                                  makers of trailer can also be attached using standard couplers. Some
                                                                  QUADRIGA models also are equipped with an additional K-LINK system
                                                                  to attach the new KETTLER QUADRIGA child seat without any tools. A
                                                                  front basket can be fastened to the steering head tube with two screws.

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